Introducing Walter (Waltah)

Waltah was born and bred in the Virgin Islands at the prestigious Bomba Shack Barn. Waltah has no particular gender and has the unusual physical characteristic of his left hind hoof turned permanently to the left. When looking in the Who's Who in the Virgin Islands there is always a nickname associated with the person or animal. In this case we have "Left Foot Waltah", infamous horse in the V.I.

He is of the very rare breed we call "stick horses", extremely rare and very sought after. He is from the barn of "no rules" but is known for his humorous personality and always in good taste. Stick horse, the very rare Virgin Island breed, is trained nowhere in NW Ocala by Ms McBarrelburg.

Our Walter Cartoons are BACK. My co-creator, Lori Abbott, finally has WIFI so please enjoy our second cartoon since Irmaria!

Walter's next cartoon will be available on Friday, April 27.

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