Introducing Walter (Waltah)

Waltah was born and bred in the Virgin Islands at the prestigious Bomba Shack Barn. Waltah has no particular gender and has the unusual physical characteristic of his left hind hoof turned permanently to the left. When looking in the Who's Who in the Virgin Islands there is always a nickname associated with the person or animal. In this case we have "Left Foot Waltah", infamous horse in the V.I.

He is of the very rare breed we call "stick horses", extremely rare and very sought after. He is from the barn of "no rules" but is known for his humorous personality and always in good taste. Stick horse, the very rare Virgin Island breed, is trained nowhere in NW Ocala by Ms McBarrelburg.

Due to hurricanes Irma and Maria, we were unable to post any additional cartoons for 2017 after September 22 (but we return in 2018!).



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Hurricane Irma

The Campaign Trail



Neighbors helping neighbors


Summer in Florida

Stand Up Tall




Stick Horse Marionette Show

Featuring Slick - Playing Only 9 Days

The Circus

Welcome to the Circus

Low Maintenance


Easy Does It


Florida Heat

Ride like a pro

God Bless America


On or Off the Bus!


Left and to the Right

The Bipartisan Racetrack

London Bridge


The Greatest Zipper


International Horse Day

Horses will get along, or not, but it's never because of what they may wear.

Self Driving Apple Wagon




Greatest Cake

Trump World Florida

Spicey in the Bush


Derby Rewind


He Say She Say

Mumbles, The Horse Whisperer

Spelling Bee


Buying a Thoroughbred at Ocala Sales


Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Here's How Ocala! We also included a special recipe for your Easter holiday.

Petrol Inching Up




UBER Black

Bud Studley and Calabash the Bull

Life Outside?


The Stick Horse and Pony Show

The Greatest Show on Earth

Cha Chee vs. Coyote


No Entry


Can You Lend Me!


Stick Horse Minis


Spin Class

Extreme Gym

Dumpster Diving




Magic Pipe Cruise


Walmart Programmed Carts