Introducing Walter (Waltah)

Waltah was born and bred in the Virgin Islands at the prestigious Bomba Shack Barn. Waltah has no particular gender and has the unusual physical characteristic of his left hind hoof turned permanently to the left. When looking in the Who's Who in the Virgin Islands there is always a nickname associated with the person or animal. In this case we have "Left Foot Waltah", infamous horse in the V.I.

He is of the very rare breed we call "stick horses", extremely rare and very sought after. He is from the barn of "no rules" but is known for his humorous personality and always in good taste. Stick horse, the very rare Virgin Island breed, is trained nowhere in NW Ocala by Ms McBarrelburg.

Hazel Nut and Dressage


Cha Chee and the Rake: Home Invasion


No Lights

Officer Termoil, the 2 Donkeys Henrietta & Matilda, & Cha Chee

Avocado, or lack of…

On St. Thomas — Miss Brun. and Cha Chee

Happy Holidays

Peace on Earth and thank you for following us! Enjoy today's cartoon and special holiday recipes.

Before Emails

Cha Chee & 2 Old Guys

Cha Chee and the TSA






Happy Thanksgiving

ChaChi takes advantage of a pumpkin sale for Thanksgiving side dishes.

Pumpkin-Cream Cheese Pie Recipe

A perfect recipe for Thanksgiving!

The Great Standoff


St. Thomas Yacht Club

Race course between Christmas Cove and the Yacht Club

IBM's Watson...

To pick the best person for Commander in Chief


We're All the Same on the Inside

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo's Carriage Race for the Purse

Samsung Laundry


Samsung 7

Starting a fire...

Cha Chee's Smoking

Introducing Matilda and Henrietta

Paso Fino Cross Country


Missiles over Florida


Welcome Home Olympians Rio 2016


Track Infinity

Sometimes it pays to be last!

Walter Goes to the Virgin Islands

Where we drive on the left!

The Southern Cup

Walter in the Southern Cup horse race!

Walter Puts on the Brakes!


Colorado Water Company

Miss Brun. From Denmark now living in St. Thomas.


"Go Hazel Nut"



No Trespassing


People: Why can't we all get along?

We can't change the past but we can all help to improve our future.

Introducing Bud & Calabash

Is it worth the money?


How important is it?

The Inaugural Gopher Hunt


Walter's Coupon

Please give to the Equine Feed Bank!

A Sad, Sad Day


Walter & Signs

Walter shys & bolts from some scary signs…

In 'Loo' of Stud Fees

Donate to the Equine Feed Bank…

If Horses Could Vote

Walter comes to the conclusion that it's a good thing that horses cannot vote…

Barrel Jumps

Walter has his own idea for barrel jumps…

Bathroom Confusion

Walter encounters some confusion…

Walter Goes to the Belmont Stakes?

Walter's first adventure!