Cardow Watches donated to Haiti by Dr. Pomeranz, volunteer Dentist

Bebe and Dr Pomeranz

Watches donated by Cardow Jewelers are given to Haitians by Dr. Pomeranz while volunteering in Haita

Carolyn's husband, Donald, was in Haiti this past week on his fifth trip doing volunteer dentistry with the Alfred Stines dental clinic and Foundation. Each trip the group does work in Petion Ville, Bassin Bleu and this year included Jacmel.

Last year one of the assistants accompanying Dr. Pomeranz was asked by a young Haitian if she would give him her watch which she proceeded to do immediately. This gave rise to our thinking that wouldn't it be fun to be able to give a few watches away to a few who would be appreciative of the gift. This prompted our asking Cardow if they would be willing to donate some watches for just this purpose. They were more than willing and gracious to accommodate the request.

The happy faces you see are those recipients of the gifts. Dr. Pomeranz gave the watch he had been wearing to his dental assistant, Michelet. The other gentleman with the big grin standing next to "Dr.P" is Bebe. This young man is deaf and cannot speak. He was adopted by the Stine family after he wandered into the clinic homeless after the earthquake five years ago. Bebe has become an integral part of the staff and loved by all.

The other two happy people are the kitchen staff for the Stine Foundation - RoseMary wearing the white watch and her assistant, Rene, wearing the pink watch. Neither of these women had ever owned a watch before.

It is with heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our Cardow family for making these four Haitian people happy during difficult times.

Kitchen staff wearing her new Cardow watch
Rene wearing her new donated Cardow watch
Happy new Cardow watch owner
Dr Pomeranz volunteering in Haiti