Angels & Pitchforks

Angels & Pitchforks

We welcome your feedback on local Ocala businesses and your experiences — are they an angel or a pitchfork?
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Humana Home

There are angels among us. Her name is Jill. Humana and Jill have been wonderful for my mother, bettering her life and making the transition to assisted living a very positive experience. The past year has been a very difficult journey that has been made so much better than it could have been. A negative experience was turned into a positive experience. Thank you Jill and Humana!

Canines, Cats & Critters — Town and Country — Florida Veterinary Hospital

This story starts on St. Thomas in the U. S. Virgin Islands with the veterinary office, Canines, Cats and Critters and Equine. This is about my little Shi-Tzu dog, Lisa. Lisa got herself into rat poison which ended OK but in the process they found with an x-ray that she had a stone in her bladder. Once back in Ocala the stone was removed by another great veterinary clinic, Town and Country. They also helped incredibly with my other dog, Baxter, a Tibetan Terrier. With Baxter a cancerous tumor was successfully removed. The continued care with Town and Country has been wonderful as they look for the best care for my dogs. A saga continued with Lisa as Town and Country discovered other major problems with her. She was referred for care to the University of Florida Veterinary Hospital where more fantastic care was given. Lisa had a liver shunt repaired, which was an extremely delicate surgery. They took exceptional care of both Lisa and me! I am grateful to have them so close by. I want to offer a special thank you to all three of these veterinary centers for taking care of my dogs and helping give a successful outcome to everything. I couldn't be more grateful.

Making Waves Salon & Spa

…on 6160 SW SR200 West.

The hair colorist at this business was able to return my ruined hair to normal. I highly recommend this business. Ask for Ruth. This salon also has fantastic products. Business located in Jasmine Plaza Phone 352-854-6531

Manure Management System

They have nice looking dumpsters, not gross looking dumpsters that one would recognize as a dumpster. They also have a nice small truck that doesn't tear up your lawns or your pastures.

The Angel aspect… They went out of their way to follow the guidelines of my home owners association guidelines so that the dumpster, from color to location, blended in nicely with the environment and does not stick out as an eyesore. Also, on the day of bringing the dumpster for the first time they helped with the relocation of the fence poles and fencing. They stayed and helped and made sure that with the neighbor's help all went according to plan. This company is amazing and a true pleasure to work with. They are also known as All Trailer rental. Phone number is 352-690-RENT.

Gilberts Hardware and General Store

…on the corner NW 326 and 225A

This store has about everything. You can eat and buy any lawn item or tool. They are friendly and very helpful. They will always answer any questions that you have. My story is that I have been living in a place where our water comes from cisterns not wells. I knew nothing about how our well functioned, no less knowing how to turn things on or off. One of my horse's water troughs was spurting out water like a geyser. I tried to cap it off which looked like an effort in a cartoon. I finally called Gilbert's and asked for help. They immediately sent a wonderful gentleman who fixed both troughs, "capped" my geyser and had me up and running again in no time flat. How bout that for customer service. You gotta love Ocala.

Ocala Farrier — Scott Hook

He fixed my thoroughbred so that he has incredibly healthy feet and perfect balance probably for the first time in this horse's life. He was very patient with both of my horses. The last time he came to work with the horses was the same day that we were going to place our first dumpster. Scott realized that the dumpster wasn't going to fit the space as it existed nor would the fencing permit it to happen. He took the project in hand and gathered the neighbors and the driver of the Manure Management system and with relative ease had the fence down, rearranged and back up quicker than I could ever imagine. I said to Scott how impressed about how kind he was and helpful. His reply was, "Well, that's the way we are in Ocala!" I am glad I picked Ocala for my new home.


Pronto Limousine Service

Buyer beware, you will be nickel and dimed without your prior knowledge. I also did not like the driver at all. His attitude was awful and not the kind of person who should be in the limousine service industry. The owner follows suit. My suggestion, rent a car. It will be cheaper and a more pleasant ride, especially with pets.

Hair Salon to Avoid

There is a hair salon near Dillard's on Hwy 200 that is highly recommended to avoid. One of the employees should not be licensed to cut or color hair. She was found to be totally incompetent. My hair was ruined by this person. When I complained one of the owners refused to give me a refund until I threatened legal help. The results with the attached nail salon was equally as horrible.

Sporting Goods store to avoid

This is a warning for anyone wanting to buy sporting goods if you purchase something you need to return. My husband bought a wrist band for exercising to protect his wrist. What he purchased wasn't actually what he wanted so I went to return it to the large sporting goods store very close to Dillards on 200. This was in less than a two week span. The product was in its original packaging and undamaged. My husband paid cash for the item which is part of the problem. I was allowed to return the item but for LESS than the original amount and only to purchase another item from the store. Absolutely no cash refund. My thoughts are "buyer beware". Their name says it all because they are _ _ _ _ _!